Skilled Guidance For Post-Judgment Modifications To Your Divorce Agreement

Because of the many surprises that life can hand us when we least expect them, divorce judgments may need to be modified.

Jobs are earned and lost. Serious injuries in accidents, business transfers, military duties, employment searches and specialized medical treatments outside the state are possible provisions of a divorce judgment.

Do you need to modify post-divorce responsibilities because of a sudden, substantial change in circumstance?

The law firm to come to when you need post-judgment modifications is Whipple, Mercado & Associates, LLP.

Our attorneys bring many years of experience, a command of divorce and family law, a track record of success, and a tradition of personal service. When a parental relocation is requested, resulting in the "move-away" of a child, we will advise you in ways that protect your rights.

A modification can impact spousal support and child support obligations as well as custody and visitation. When a job is lost or a medical emergency interrupts one's capacity to pay support, you have the right to pursue a modification, and we will safeguard that right as necessary.

Don't allow one of life's "hits" to cause you to lose hope for a resolution. We welcome the opportunity to serve you in any way we can, through effective mediation, skillful negotiation or aggressive litigation.

Experienced Attorneys Who Make Your Legal Issues Easier To Deal With

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