Effective Mediation Techniques That Address Your Divorce Issues

Are you looking for a more cost-effective, less-contentious way of settling differences with a spouse or former spouse before, during or after divorce?

Mediation could be the answer to your predicament — and our law firm welcomes the opportunity to introduce you to it. We can help you benefit from this productive, positive alternative to litigation.

We are Whipple, Mercado & Associates, LLP. Our knowledgeable family lawyers are consensus seekers and problem solvers during the free exchange of ideas that mediation promotes.

What Is Mediation?

Our extensive knowledge of mediation allows us to serve as third-party neutrals or represent clients, as advocates, who use a third-party mediator to resolve issues. As mediators per se, we do not represent either party — we are neutrals who attempt to assist parties in reaching agreements, facilitating rather than having an actual voice in decision-making.

This process is completely confidential, so nothing can be used in court later if discussions break down. Mediation also provides total transparency for the parties, each of whom is present and copied on all correspondence.

Experienced, Effective San Ramon Family Law And Divorce Attorneys

Many couples favor mediation over divisive litigation because it

  • Encourages candor and confidentiality

  • Sets a tone of cooperation for future conversations

  • Decreases the chances of a negative emotional impact on children

  • Puts you in control of your own destiny, rather than depending on the decisions of strangers in a courtroom

  • Is less expensive, less time-consuming and less stressful

Are you struggling with differences over child support, spousal support, child custody or visitation? Have you reached an impasse on matters such as property division or a post-judgment modification? We can use mediation to make your issues easier to deal with.

To learn more about mediation from skilled, compassionate lawyers and to arrange a free initial consultation, call Whipple, Mercado & Associates, LLP — 925-344-5050 locally or 800-708-3761 toll free. We respond promptly to all email messages and phone calls.