Working Hard To Ensure Your Family's Safety After Domestic Violence

The thought of filing for divorce or a restraining order can be daunting if you fear retaliation by a violent family member. California has specific domestic violence laws to protect people who suffer one or more types of serious domestic abuse.

At Whipple, Mercado & Associates, LLP, our experienced divorce and family law attorneys are familiar with state domestic violence laws, as well as court procedures to follow when requesting or defending against a temporary domestic violence restraining order.

Just as there are victims of domestic violence, there are victims who are falsely accused of it. Sometimes a party intentionally files false or exaggerated claims against another party to gain a competitive edge during litigation or to punish the other party in retaliation. Our law firm can assist in defending your rights against a false claim of domestic violence.

Legal Measures Taken To Ensure Your Safety After Domestic Violence

You can have complete confidence that our skilled family lawyers will do what's best for your personal security and that of your child or children when your lives are interrupted by

  • Stalking

  • Harassment

  • Intimidation

  • Terroristic threats

  • Domestic abuse, spousal, and child abuse, verbal and physical

  • Financial, emotional, psychological and sexual abuse

We want you to feel comfortable and candid in your dealings with us. We will listen carefully to your side of the story, provide honest answers to your questions and advocate for your goals in ways that bring you peace of mind. Everything we do for you is designed to make your difficult personal issues easier to deal with.

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