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California is one of nine community-property states. Under community-property law, both spouses are treated as equal co-owners of property that was acquired during marriage, no matter who actually acquired the property. Exceptions to this rule pertain to property that was acquired during the marriage by inheritance, bequests, devise and gift.

Community property includes income and any benefits accumulated as a result of work or efforts expended during the marriage. For example, a retirement account that has been accumulated during marriage is considered community property. This is a general rule and many things can alter community property law. Premarital and postnuptial agreements can transcend community property laws.

Are you struggling with community property issues as you undertake an uncontested or contested divorce? The experienced attorneys of Whipple, Mercado & Associates, LLP, can help.

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Our skilled, detail-minded lawyers will ensure that your rights are protected when assets and property are in play during your divorce:

  • Real estate, including primary and secondary, vacation and retirement residences, undeveloped land, rental property, farms, timeshares, and ranches

  • Motor vehicles, including boats and airplanes

  • Deferred income and retirement income

  • Bank accounts, stocks and bonds, stock options, and restricted stock units

  • Closely held family businesses

  • Memberships, family heirlooms, inheritances and collectibles

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